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Heather Johnson
I am driven to create.  As a child I constructed toys out of materials I
would find in the yard or woods, and the love of playing and
experimenting has never left me.

I express my work in many mediums, including paint, wood,
plaster, and found objects.  There is joy in discovering what an
object or medium can do and how to work with it.  Whether it's
sanding, carving, or painting, I enjoy the process as much as
realizing the final product.

I have a tendency to collect materials, mostly mundane, that I find
interesting.  I am compelled to take these ordinary items and
transform them into something beyond their designed purpose,
exposing their form and shape by stripping away their meaning.  
This transformation often occurs through the application of
unexpected coloring, repetition, and assembly.  I apply similar
principles to my paintings, exposing the aesthetic form of simple
shapes through repetition and unique coloring.